Saturday, 15 October 2016

Coming Soon

November is coming and so is another trip into space, this time courtesy of the fully licensed franchise shuttle ARK 4L Qentiga - the first and best choice for short-hop personnel transport, executive tours and supply runs.

  • Shuttle to anywhere on Earth, the Moon or any satellite station with an apogee of 500800 km or less.
  • Transport up to 3 cubic decametres of goods*
  • Transport up to 30 standard class personnel
  • Up to seven executive personnel can be accommodated in our Gold Suites, with complimentary Flyfast digifeeds and 4LBk encryption as standard.

Unlike many other franchised shuttle owners in the London area, Captain Sumner has never been penalised for breakage or loss of cargo or personnel and all our delivery times have been within accepted margins. Our Raqueeb class Aratek pilot, Blue class 4L technician and experienced Captain ensure a smooth and safe journey for all your assets.

When you can't afford mistakes - Fly Qentiga

*additional gravpad fees apply for any combined cargo/personnel over six tonnes.

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